EMIR LTD initiated its activity in 1992 and specialized in wholesaling and retail trade of household goods exceeding five thousand various items up to date. The Company is major and exclusive importer to Bulgaria for а number of leading Turkish manufacturers, such as …  etc.
Commodities offered by The Company may be classified in a few major categories: Everything for your home, restaurant and hotel, subdivided in: Bathroom, Kitchen and Garden

Having probed the qualities of the offered commodities, EMIR LTD is amongst the first and major suppliers to markets, such as … etc.
Prompt supplies, quality and speed of service make EMIR LTD a reliable and favorite partner for all markets.

On top of its part as a major supplier to almost all of the markets in country, The Company operates its own continuously developing reselling network.

Thanks to the well founded and proven loyalty and professionalism through the years, the Company is welcome as a partner and supplier for a large number of hotels, public catering and gardening establishments. Reference List of Hotels ТУК

EMIR TRANS SPED LTD operates a quite well arranged and maintained vehicle fleet for domestic and international transport, logistics and forwarding services.
You can afford peace and serenity: your goods will arrive on time and safely!


Since the beginning of 2001 EMIR LTD operates its own production unit for manufacturing and outfitting of shower cubicles and bathroom partition walls. These are manufactured as per client specified dimensions and supported with delivery and installation. Every item is warranty and post-warranty service covered.
Production and storage facilities are arranged on 5,000 square meters built-up and 30,000 square meters fenced area and employ over 20 specialists, ready to meet all customers’ needs. Since the establishment of its production shop in 2001, EMIR LTD has always been aware of the responsibility to manufacture products related to safety and security, fashion trends and the specific requirements of its clients. EMIR LTD was the first one to implement in Bulgaria the production of shower cubicles and bathroom otters (paravans) of standard and customer specified dimensions. The Company keeps investing every year in renovating and extending its production facilities, following and monitoring closely modern trends and is diversifying the specification of its models.
The Company employees a team of engineers dealing with the installation warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance of its products.

Through the years EMIR LTD turn into a brand itself. In 2004 The Company defended its name with its logo as a registered trademark. In 2013 we designed the product brand ELEGANCE for our new products for glazing of balconies, terraces and manufacturing of tents.
Our success is based on the ability to establish and strengthen long term relations with our clients by emphasizing to the full extent on the satisfaction of their needs and requirements.